Last updated Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Featured Project

For Fun & Profit

  • Distributed Neural Network AI
    A virtual assistant that’s distributed over multiple nodes. Each node has different capabilities (speech recognition, real-time image processing) and takes full advantage of the POSIX architecture of Linux to run services that communicate securely.
  • Eve Flight Simulator (Windows/Linux)
    A full suite of flight control, flight dynamics modeling and simulator applications for planes and spacecraft.
  • Bricks Arcade (Android)
    Simple arcade game play with beautiful visual feedback.

Project Archives

  • twitter_ebooks (
    Make your own tweeting machine! Processes your tweets and creates a Markov-chain bot.
  • Producteev for Windows
    Free desktop client for Windows. Manage your tasks on PC. This application was discontinued with Producteev v4.0 and is going to be replaced in the future by a new Windows and Linux client called Atomic.
  • Producteev API Library (
    An implementation of the API in This has ceased development because of the change in the Producteev API.